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Default Re: GTX 460 SLI: The REAL deal

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
Dang it, Kal, you've gotten your terminology all mixed up again!

Just great, now I'm mixed up too.

Entry Level (GT 220, 5450/5470)
Budget (GTS 240, 5550/5570)
Mainstream (GTS 250, 9800 GT, 5650/5670)
Performance (GTX 460, 5750-5770)
Enthusiast (GTX 465-480, 5830-5970)

... right? And then adding SLI/Crossfire to the mix mixes everything up further.

.. because of the GTX 460's performance vs GTX 465, IMO it pokes its head into the enthusiast category while remaining in the Performance price range.
Pff. maybe you just need to raise the bar some more. The GTX 460 is entry level...
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