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Default Re: 95% CPU usage with driver 256.35 ?!!

Originally Posted by StringCheesian View Post
konst, it would better define the problem if you could fill in the blank:
Your cooperation could open up new avenues of diagnosis.

For example, if you fill the blank with "95%", that would mean it doesn't matter what glx you use - it would rule out your use of non-nVidia glx as the cause. We could then move on to other possible causes.

If you fill the blank with "<5%", that would mean nVidia's driver has difficult to reproduce bugs when interacting with non-nVidia glx - maybe they only show up with a hardened kernel or with certain graphics card models.

This is why we have been asking you to try it just once with nVidia's glx.
CPU usage with nVidia's driver and nVidia's glx: 5% with Nvidia kernel driver 195.36.24

I think this thread is done at least with driver 195.36.24
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