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Default Re: Dual Quadro 5600 - Best configuration

Originally Posted by Nalberti View Post
If I plug in the 2 x 30" monitors into one card with certain versions of the driver I can do 20?? X 15?? which is ok, but not quite 2560..some diver versions still only allow 1900x1200
As per data sheet, the 5600FX should support 2x 2560x1600:
I never tried 2560x1600 myself with twinview, but 2x 5040x1050 works
fine (with a GTX260).

Can you please post an nvidia-bug-report.log? This will provide insights
on your setup and potentially what's wrong with it. For detail, please check:

Originally Posted by Nalberti View Post
Is is possible yet to do twinview over two cards with SLI ?
To my knowledge, this is not possible. I guess the bandwidth of the
SLI connectors is not high enough for SLI+twinview (but that's pure


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