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Default Re: iPhone 4 recall "inevitable" as PR experts call for action

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
IF this is a real issue, my question would be why didn't they test this out before rolling out the new iPhone? Makes no sense to me.
It IS a real problem and apparently from the various rumors, this was actually brought up by one of the engineers well before product finalization.

I think this is a case of form over function taken to an extreme.

Again, I do want to reiterate that I personally do not have any issues with my phone and it works well for me, much better than my old phone.

However, I have been able to duplicate the death grip and a couple of my friends have had issues with the proximity sensor issue that has also been brought up. The whole death grip issue is VERY easily reproducible. Apple released the 4.01 OS update today and it does nothing to resolve the issue, just moves the bars weighting (in decibels) so that your signal strength is more "accurate".

If there is a recall, I am all for it but I really don't want to be without a phone.
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