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Default Re: The Official Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood thread!

Originally Posted by glObalist View Post
... Think how Far Cry compared to FC2... same deal with this game- generic, consolitized mess. Next...
Originally Posted by pakotlar View Post
as much as i appreciate what the game is trying to do, every single multiplatform game carries with it this bad taste of consolitis for lack of a better word. its like a film vs a good blockbuster movie. the original in dx10 mode, with all the little gameplay tweaks seems like a better game apart from the gameplay elements that clearly needed to be removed. this is like 2 steps forward 1.5 back.
This pretty much sums up my thoughts too but I'm going to play through it cause I paid for it, albeit only $7, and to see the story. Very Call of Duty movie like formula only out West this game is.

Concentration system seems odd in that there is no way to control when it's used; seems just as I've racked up enough kills to fill it, there is no one left to kill.

Cover system I don't really care for, it auto-controls my view and movement too much. Just give me a key to press to enter and exit cover, k thanks.

Overall, I preferred the first CoJ better, this one is too automated or simplified with obvious console roots.

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