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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Woohoo! My grand daughters just came over! My wife was playing Sims 3 on my phone and let the kids see then they proceeded to drop it on our hardwood floor.
There was a notification that the SD card was removed without being dismounted and now Avatar and the trailer that were on it will not play. Tried turning off the phone then reseating the memory card and turning it back on and still the same problem.
I took the SD card out and have it plugged into the computer. I can see both files and it will play the Quicktime trailer ok, the computer can't play the file format they have Avatar in though. I am going to try and copy it to the HDD then format the SD card and put it back in and see if that helps.

Always something... I wish I would have never got up this morning.
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