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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Well I absolutely hate the signal problem I am having. My wife's garminfone doesn't get that good of a signal in the house either so I expected it but damn I couldn't even get it to aquire a GPS signal last night coming home and Google maps wasn't working at all either because I couldn't get a data connection.
My wife's Garminfone will get a good 3G signal just a block down the street and keep it and of course it locks onto the GPS easily since it's main focus is as a GPS.

Google Maps will get stuck if I press "My Location" when I have GPS turned on and it can't lock in on a signal. I can't get out of it except by pressing the home key but then Google maps is unusable again unless i turn off the phone and back on. I thought it may have been that Weather Channel app for some reason but nope. I think Google Maps is trying to lock onto a GPS signal and can't so it just sits there waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting until I turn off the phone and clear it.

I am starting to grow impatient with the phone now after using it for a while... it may end up going back to T Mobile and me getting a Garminfone which just works. Sure it may not have as much fanciness but damn at least it works and doesn't lock up.
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