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Default Re: iPhone 4 recall "inevitable" as PR experts call for action

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Wow free cases for everyone! That's pretty cool for an issue like this.
Like I said before, the internet made this topic such a big deal. The real world problem is not that huge and reviews in Europe confirmed that.
So it's a great move from Apple with the free case for everyone.

Question is: is it enough to satisfy that exact group on the web, the group that made this an issue? I don't think so... So I expect a next wave of out of proportion complains.

And they also confirmed the next launch date, July 30th - can't wait
There was no FIX to the issue.

The issue remains.

Apple also never acknowledged there was an issue or apologized for the issue. Keep in mind this issue has been present since the phone was first released (I pre-ordered and got my phone a day before the people waiting in line, blogs were already lighting up about the issue from day -1). Apple's response is, all phones do this, it's not a big deal, here's a case. They have yet to say they will FIX the issue for the phone as it exists right now, i.e. in the flesh without a case.

A case is well and good but come on. If Toyota had not done a recall and just offered thicker front bumpers and bigger air-bags, would that really have sufficed?

Also, the bumper case is one of the worst designs ever and one of the biggest price gouges out there. It is almost universally despised and works with a scant handful of docks and connectors. I am really hoping they have a better solution for the freebie they are planning on handing out.
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