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Default Re: OpenSUSE 11.3 Released.

Let me just explain something about the NVIDIA driver situation and why it is as it is.

The newer distros now use the open source NVIDIA driver called Nouveau, which only provides 2D acceleration(only experimental 3D acceleration not by default in some distros). It supports advanced features like KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) which makes seamless resolutions switching.

Ubuntu bridges the gap with binary proprietary drivers, other distros like openSUSE don't and the NVIDIA binary driver from NVIDIA conflicts with the Nouveau driver, so it's like having two drivers access the same hardware, which cannot happen. With these distros you have to sort this out manually by completely disabling the Nouveau driver. It's a pretty simple one command in some distros and then you can install the NVIDIA binary driver when they provide the packages for openSUSE 11.3.

I've done this sort of thing many times, so I know the drill off by heart and it's not for new users installing the NVIDIA driver manually. If you want to dig in deep with me, you're welcome or you can just wait for the packages.

I assume you guys have never attempted manually installing the NVIDIA driver? (excuse me for my ignorance)
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