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Default Re: iPhone 4 recall "inevitable" as PR experts call for action

You should go read what I actually said airbrush.

The antennae flaw is applicable to every single iPhone 4. I have one, I don't intend to return it because I actually like it BUT, the antennae issues is repeatable for EVERY SINGLE IPHONE.

Also, as I have said, the bumper case sucks. Currently the store only has the bumpers, socks and Cole Haan wallet style cases. Nothing else is available online. I guess they disabled the comments and rating system for the bumpers because of the universal derision for it

Further, there are REAL issues regarding the proximity sensor and the home button. The proximity sensor issue was somewhat discussed during the call but I didn't hear anything about the button. My friend who went in and exchanged his phone in-store was told by the tech that it is a known issue so we shall see.

Further, why is the date you can receive cases only till September? And why is there no fix for the issue that resolves it, instead of this software fix and no acknowledgement of the actual degree of attenuation of the phone?

Apple handled this about as poorly as they could have, accepted no responsibility and are offering up a case which costs them probably less than a dollar to make (yes, it really is that cheap).

I will reiterate again, I like my phone, but there are actual issues with it that are still unresolved and cases will do nothing to fix the PHYSICAL problems with the phone.
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