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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Ok the battery lasted about 12 hours of pretty constant playing with it before it ran all the way down after it's first full charge. I am charging it again now while i listen to Slacker Radio on it. Pretty nice sound quality with it I must say.

I saw someone post on the Tmobile forum about a special GPS menu on the phone to get into by inputting a code. I set a setting on it that he said helped him get faster GPS lock. I rebooted it and went outside and it did seem to help. Took about half the time to lock on this time. Here is is his post...

I've had trouble getting my GPS to work properly as well. I've tried rebooting.. tinkering with numerous settings, etc. After some research across the net I've found quite a few different approaches and ideas. Using a mix of all of them, I've come up with a solution that works perfect for my Vibrant. **Not responsible if your GPS still doesn't work properly** Go to settings->Location and Security-> Enable "Use GPS Satellites" and disable "Use wireless networks". Go to Dialer and dial *#*#1472365#*#* - This is where you may cause harm if you're not careful. Only adjust the settings listed. Under "Application settings" Change "Operation Mode" to MS Based Go back Under "SUPL/CP Settings" edit the "Server" test, and remove the "http://" leaving just That's it! Just so you know.. What is MS-Based mode of operation? In MS-Based mode, the network provides the satellite information to the device, based on a rough estimate of where the device is located, and the device acquires the GPS signals from the satellites and calculates its location. After the initial fix, the device operates like an autonomous GPS receiver, until the satellite information must be refreshed, at which time the device goes back to the network to update the satellite information. MS-Based mode is appropriate for applications that require the device location to be updated rapidly, such as a navigation application. Can the GPS work in autonomous mode? No, the GPS receiver requires the assistance of the network elements to acquire its initial location fix. Hope this helps! It has mine working like a charm.
here is a website explaining what MS-Based is
So basically that setting just made it so I have to get a signal from TMobile's network to tell me where the GPS satellite is then it can lock in on it. If I get no signal from TMobile then i cant lock onto the satellite. I will keep that code handy so I can turn it back to straight non assisted GPS use when I can't get a signal from T Mobile. Using it that way just takes longer to lock onto the GPS.
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