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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

I'll give the phone a week with me constantly messing with it to see how it turns out. If I don't like it by next weekend it goes back. If I do I'll keep it.

I read some people are saying that the signal strength issue is a software problem (like Apple was trying to say with the iphone 4) but I am starting to believe them. My signal meter drops to 0 sometimes yet I am still connected to Edge. In reality comparing it to my wife's phone, this phone seems like it is staying connected more than hers.
I wasn't judging it correctly as I had wifi enabled which on this phone gets rid of any Edge or 3G signal icons, where as on her phone having wifi enabled still shows Edge or 3G icons. So when I didn't see those I just assumed I had no signal since the signal bar was also at 0. If I turn off wifi there is the Edge icon and I am indeed connected to the network. It's hard to get 3G inside our house is why we see Edge.

Sorry for the rambling but I haven't had much sleep and this has been a crappy day with everything going on not to mention my disappointment with the phone. Some of these disappointments may be user error though just like me thinking I had no connection when I really did.
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