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Default Re: OpenSUSE 11.3 Released.

Thanks Sean_W for the instructions on nvidia, my first linux distro in 1999 was SUSE 8, I have been exclusively on Ubuntu after the release of x64 version but have been trying out SUSE in between just to see their progress but wasn't too satisfied, the packaging still needs improvement but this latest version is truly a huge step ahead. They eliminated HAL in Gnome version but not in KDE. The Gnome is quite polished even though SUSE is KDE centric distro. Runs quite fast and boots as fast as Ubuntu due to HAL being eliminated. Packaging still has long way to go, for instance Skype is not on their repos even if you enable the non free and pakman ones. So if you download it from Skype site and install it, it wouldn't run until and unless all the dependencies are satisfied, this means going to the forums, googling and then installing the dependencies one by one. Whereas in Ubuntu, all you do is enable partner repo, skype gets listed in Synaptic or Ubuntu software center, just click and install, all dependencies are pulled in by the excellent Debian packaging system used on Ubuntu. Good to see VLC repo included, in case of Ubuntu, we have to add C.Korn's ppa and pray it gets updated. The VLC repo would mean latest VLC when its released, definitely a good idea. As for nvidia/ATI install, the X Swat PPA method in Ubuntu is the best of all the distros out there, just enable update and install latest drivers, its automatically updated, no kernel grub mod, no nouveau blues, nothing to do.
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