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Smile Re: No audio from HDMI (MCP89 / Geforce 320M): Reason: no connected devices detected

Thanks for your support. Detecting of the connected display is working fine. I have acquired the EDIDs for the various combinations of my machines and connected displays. I have attached these EDIDs.

(on the mac mini). I have disabled twinview so nvidia-settings reports (from nvidia-settings->X Server Display Configuration)
Unable to load X Server Display Configuration page:
nvidia-settings currently does not support scanout screens (0) that have dynamic
twinview disabled.

But it reports the connected TV as Panasonic-TV on DFP-1

Connection: MCP89 HDMI->Panasonic TV (my mac mini directly connected to the TV)
EDID file: mcp89-hdmi-panasonic-tv.edid.bin

(on the mac mini)

Connection: MCP89 HDMI->RX-V1065->Panasonic TV (my mac mini connected to my receiver which is connected to my TV)
EDID file: mcp89-hdmi-receiver-panasonic-tv.edid.bin

Retest with Dynamic Twinview enabled.

Connection: MCP89 HDMI->RX-V1065-Panasonic TV
EDID file: mcp89-hmdi-receiver-panasonic-tv-edid-twinview-enabled.bin

(on the machine with GT220)
Connection: GT220-HDMI->RX-V1065->Panasonic TV
EDID file: gt220-hmdi-receiver-panasonic-tv.edid.bin

I have checked the EDIDs with edid-decode, I could not find anything amiss (too bad). I hope you can find the culprit.
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