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Default Re: iPhone 4 recall "inevitable" as PR experts call for action

Originally Posted by knghtwhosaysni View Post
what. why should apple do a recall to change the antenna if just about everyone is happy enough to keep the phone (including yourself)?
Because there is an issue with the antenna, and it is an issue for every single iphone on the market.

Maybe they are cutting off the date at September bc they want to stop allocating the resources to process requests at some point rather than let it linger on forever.... 2 months is plenty of time to take out <5 minutes to tell Apple you would like a free case anyway, why is that so bad?
Bear with me here, because this is a bit of a stretch.

What if, and this is really amazing stuff, but what if, someone purchases an iphone at the end of September, early October

I mean I know it's probably never going to happen, but WHAT IF, you know, someone buys an iPhone 4 in that time frame. What then?

Anywho, of the reviews I read (ars and Anand), it seemed like the antenna issue was only an issue if you were holding it in a very unnatural manner. No product is perfect and you can't expect companies to recall their products in an effort to make them slightly more perfect. If it is a dealbreaker, then they have done plenty to let you return the phone at no cost, but I get the feeling not many people are going to take advantage of that... This really just seems like a ****storm cooked up by the media.
Have you ever seen an iPhone commercial?

That is the exact same way that the phone is held in EVERY commercial.

Also, I didn't think this was a reproducible issue until I held the phone in my left hand and was browsing/typing with my right hand, which is a VERY natural manner. In the middle of my being on a website, I got an error saying no data signal.

I removed my hand from the position it was in (not un-natural mind you) and BLAM, 5 bars. Shocking, I know. I should totally tell the media about this though. Seems like all the other iPhone 4 users on this website seem to be completely immune to this problem.

Oh wait, you don't have one? How weird. You want to tell people who HAVE a product with an easily reproducible defect that they should not worry about it and that it is overblown? Nice.

Just because I HAVE the phone and I like it doesn't mean that I should NOT be concerned that the manufacturer is trying to sweep this issue under the rug.
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