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Default Re: iPhone 4 recall "inevitable" as PR experts call for action

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Oh no you didn't just compare it to the Toyota recalls?
Think about it again with two things in mind:
a) not every car has those issues like the Toyotas. But all smartphones can have signal problems.
I did, and ALL cars have issues like Toyota's (notice that I did not mention just the acceleration issue, there were other recalls for Toyota/Lexus). It's just that since not all issues are raised and brought to the manufacturers attention, you don't see a big deal about it.

Also, if there are a few cases, you will immediately see some kind of recall in action. If not, you will see something like what happened to Toyota. Defective product whether through an inherent defect or otherwise, typically is recalled.

Note how Apple did not recall anything. Hell, they didn't even acknowledge they had an issue.

b) no persons are in danger because of signal issues with smartphones.
I think only the unintended acceleration and braking issues would have caused bodily harm. The other recalls from Toyota were precautionary to ensure the product behaved as expected.

Apple's product does not behave as expected. It is a mechanical issue. It cannot be fixed without additional items added to the product. How does that not qualify for a recall?

They handle it very generously for every customer. They did one mistake, they made it visible so now all the smartypants with no clue about signal transmission can easily loose some bars and think that this is a major issue and concerns only the iPhone 4.

This makes absolutely no sense.

Apple, in response to major concerns when the iPhone 3G came out released an OS update which seemed to show stronger signal strength than the phone was actually experiencing and did nothing to alleviate dropped calls. Now they say "oh snap, we made a mistake, we'll issue a patch to correct this". So now I can see the "correct" signal strength?

Fine, but this does nothing to solve the PHYSICAL defect where signal attenuation is occurring. It just demonstrates that the customers were lied to for 2 years.

But like I said, Apple's very generous solution is probably not good enough to satisfy those smartypants on the internet.
How the hell is this generous?

Have you SEEN a bumper case? It is about a dollar's worth of material, if not less. 3 million phones, maybe 3 million bucks worth if just bumpers. Throw in a few other cases and lets call it 10-15 million bucks. A recall == 1 BILLION dollars. Do the math.

Some PR person is going to get a nice raise and you will easily swallow this logic.

Quick question, do you OWN this product?

This is really the same thing as with the GTX 480 heat and noise "issues". Lots of drama about nothing. Only with Apple and iPhone, the market is much, much larger than with highend GPUs so the hype is also bigger. But in the end it's nothing dramatic.
Nvidia never hid the power envelope of the product. This immediately renders this comparison moot.

The 480 is hot, it's a fact. But it's about as hot as previous GPUs.
The iPhone 4 looses signal strength, it's a fact. But it's on par with previous/other phones. The only difference here is that Apple made it visible.
Actually the 480 has a higher thermal envelope than previous GPU's. But again, Nvidia didn't hide this.

The issue with the iPhone is that a cosmetic decision to SHOW the antenna has led to an issue which is not reproducible on other phones.

EVERY iPhone 4 will show a loss of signal/signal strength using the "death grip". You will not see this issue reproducible to the same extent with any other phone. You will see a lowered signal strength but you will not see what Anand and other sites have shown, which is an almost complete loss of signal strength.


Again, I have to ask to those who are defending this, do you have this product? How are you coming up with some of these absolutely retarded reasons to defend Apple and it's deny, deny, deny line of thinking?

I am in a 2 year contract which will cost me between 2-3k easily for my phone. I am also covering another line for a relative which is an additional 2-3 k.

So, I am supposed to shut up and listen to you guys who don't have the product and don't know this issue that is easily reproducible, while I shell out 4-6k?

Again, I don't have an issue with the product for the most part, but the fact that it is defective means that the manufacturer is obligated to fix the defect and replace the product. That much should be common sense.
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