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Default Re: Trapezoid-Acceleration on which cards?

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy View Post
However I won't compare directly against other drivers. I think AMDs binary driver is _crap_, but they are officially supporting open-source driver development which I after all prefer, so I don't want to do marketing in favour of nvidia.
Thanks a lot, Clemens
If you can you should compare directly against other drivers. People say AMD binary is _crap_ because this is true. But until there is no independent, repeatable proof like any benchmark results no one in AMD will take such jabbering seriously. Benchmark results comparing Nvidia binary vs AMD opensource and binary will show how it looks like for real and may be motivating for AMD to do something with slow 2D. If AMD will speed up Nvidia will be motivated to speed up more to keep 2D speed crown. Finally the customer wins because Linux has better 2D speed thanks to improved drivers on both sides.
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