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Default Re: Best place to purchase another Vista Key.

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
It's an A8n32-SLi deluxe. I was unable to get the onboard ethernet 1&2 working and I was unable to get the onboard sound working. The main issue was ethernet. I thought if I could at least get on line I could run a few updates and see if things came to life. If you want to give me a hand I'll try again and give exact details. I would really appreciate it.

Edit: Or should I just give them my vista ultimate and just move to win7? It's home premium and really I have no idea about what’s missing from home over higher versions, what’s better and what’s worse. I do know I'm not really in the mood to reinstall a butt load of games and programs but if Win7 is better maybe I should just forget about vista and give it to them?
Strange- my parents are running that exact board with an FX-60 and dual G80 8800GTSs- works like a champ. Much snappier and more responsive than it was under Vista as well. This is also the 64-bit version of 7 Pro.

Are you "upgrading" or doing a fresh install (deleting old partition, creating new partition, formatting drive)?
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