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Default Re: iPhone 4 recall "inevitable" as PR experts call for action

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Sazar, no I don't own the iPhone 4 yet but I will as soon as it's available here.

I stay with my point. With the iPhone 4 everyone knows the spot where to touch it to force a signal drop. With other phones, it's not that obvious but the behavior is similar.
Yes, there is signal attenuation with many phones. No dispute there.

No, other phones do not have a cosmetic decision to wrap the antenna on the outside of the product to cause the problem so directly.

It seems like you are more concerned about how Apple handles this issue than how bad it really it. You're pissed bout the bumper case (saw your other thread) and how Apple "hid" those issues. So it's more a problem with the company and not the product, typical hater behavior This is also why you'd like to see Apple spending $1 Billion than a few millions.
Once you get the phone and try the bumper, especially if you have docks in your car and work and home, come back and let me know how much you like it and if it's worth 30 bucks

Regarding the problem, yes, I am concerned with how Apple is handling this. They are handling this like they handle everything else apparently. Just deny there is a problem and shift the blame.

There is a design flaw and typically when there is a design flaw with a product that directly impacts the usage of the product, there is a recall. Had there been an alternate solution than "hey, we'll give you guys some cases, deal with it", it would be a different matter.

I think you are not realizing that the case "fix" doesn't actually fix anything. IF Apple releases a slightly re-vamped iPhone 4 with a coating on the metal antenna to fix the "death grip" issue in the next month or two, they are obligated to replace the phones already on the market that do not have this fix built in.

Fact is that Apple will take care of every customer even though only a small user group is affected. That's generous.
They are supposed to take care of the customer's. But my point is, if you have a case handout and that "fix" is only for a limited time, what happens to the consumers who buy the phone later? Are they SOL?

The only thing I can think of as to why Apple would provide a deadline is if they have an active fix in the works for the attenuation, in which case the phones currently affected should be replaced by them with ones that work correctly. This is an expectation for all products I would think.

I still think the main issue is the crappy cellular network in the US. Apple takes all the blame but AT&T has a major role in this. The European reviews I read were also able to reproduce the signal drop but never lost connection, because the network is much better here.
Anand covered the signal drop in detail in 2 separate articles. Undoubtedly AT&T is also partially at fault, but they didn't design the product and they didn't put the antenna on the outside.

One of the sexier "mods" I have seen

Btw, on a more positive note, if you are buying one, take a look at this link.

I have already registered on Element's site and am holding out for that case
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