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Default Re: Best place to purchase another Vista Key.

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT View Post
It was a fresh install. I just looked and I'm running a much older bios 1303. I'm going to go ahead and flash that. Though now that I'm finally looking into Win7 it sounds faster and the only thing I see missing from Home that I might want would be the XP Mode. Is this like XP compatibility mode on shortcuts or is it like an entire XP shell for programs? I might just give them vista and go Win7 home. What do you think?
If you can put 7 on there I'd do it.

As for XP mode- does any of their software not work on Vista? If so XP Mode would be beneficial though it's only available with Win 7 Pro and higher.

As to the BIOS- I always keep BIOS and drivers up-to-date so maybe that was the ticket. Not sure- just worked out of the box on their rig.

XP Mode, I don't understand it 100% but from what I gather it runs a VM with XP Pro to offer greater compatibility with older software titles that do not otherwise work under Vista or 7.
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