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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Alright I think I got enough feel for the phone to give my pros and cons...

Beautiful big screen and also smoothest touch screen I've ever encountered

Nice sound from the phone with music, movies or whatever

Generally very fast

Nice camera and camcorder (even without flash)

Nice interface (Touchwiz 3.0)

Love the hell out of the Swype keyboard

Now that I figured out it won't show Edge or 3G icons in the notification area when wi fi is enabled, it seems to be on par with my wife's Garminfone in signal reception. I seem to be able to get a Edge data signal a tiny bit better than she does while in our house which is in an almost dead zone for T mobile

Had to go into secret menu for GPS to change some settings to get GPS to aquire quicker than deathly slow

signal meter on phone seems to maybe show a lower reading than you really have (for example it shows 0 bars yet it is still connected)

If you hold the phone with your palm against the bottom the signal meter drops about 2-3 bars. Move your hand away from the bottom and the bars return almost instantly

Compass or street view in Google maps under compass view or just arrow showing heading in Google maps doesn't update instantly (for example if I am facing North then immediately turn and face East it doesn't instantly turn the compass or Google Street view or google map arrow heading. It does get there although slowly and choppy, no excuse for one of the fastest phones out there)

Had a few lockups where I go into Google maps and then turn on the GPS indoors where it can't get a signal, I then turn off or on Wi Fi and I can't duplicate it but a few times it locked up in Google maps. I could exit out by hitting the Home button sometimes but if I went back into Google maps it would be stuck again in the same place. A reboot fixes it, I got stuck hard a couple times where even the Home button or power buttons wouldn't work and I had to pull the battery. Some bug with Google Maps and this phone I think, hopefully fixed with the next version of Google maps/Navigator.
The 2 hard locks both occured when I pulled down the notification bar while inside Google Maps and toggled GPS then enabled or disabled wifi (I don't remember) then it locked hard with the notification screen displaying on the phone.

So as of now it looks like I'll keep the phone. I think the Google maps lockup thing is just a bug that will be fixed. Google maps is in beta afterall. I stopped fiddling with the GPS and wi fi while in Google Maps and the lockups have ceased it seems.
I think the compass thing will probably be fixed too. The signal meter thing should be addressed too if it is showing a lower signal than you really have. The signal meter drop with the palm against the bottom is probably something that won't be fixed and is the biggest problem. I can live without touching my palm to it and it doesn't drop the signal completely out so the goods outweigh the bads I think.

Oh yea the battery seems to last about 10-12 hours until it dies and needs recharged if you constantly mess with the phone like I have been doing the last couple days. Man I have been giving this thing a workout trust me. The thing is probably ready for me to leave it alone and give it a rest.
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