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Default Re: What 60 inch TV would you buy? (3k or less)

Originally Posted by Smee View Post
My Samsung DLP croaked..
I want a 60 inch or larger, I watch very little TV (Save for Football season) So good response time is a must for sports i assume. I would also like the internet gadget thing the newer ones seem to come with.

I'm leaning towards Plasma, but I hear they are way the hell hotter, and use a lot more energy.

Throw me some suggestions if you can.. I'm not stuck firm on the price, but I really don't watch enough TV to justify $5-6k or more.. That and my last 3 sets have all died within a year or so out of warranty (all DLP's) 2 Mitsubishi's and most recently my $3,800 Samsung
The answer to this depends HEAVILY on your intended usage and preferences. Will it be used for gaming? Do you want to save on your electrical bill and/or live in a southern area where your room tends to get hot in the summer? How much sports do you watch? Will it be connected to a PC? Will you mostly watch movies/TV in a room that gets lots of sunlight, or will it be dimly lit?

Based on the little bit of information you've given so far, I'd lean towards the Samsung UN60C6300:

Though if you *really* want the internet functions embedded into the TV itself, try finding a C6500 series rather than C6300. Although Samsung indicates the model exists, I can't find any retailers that carry a 60" C6500, but best buy carries a 65" C6500 for $4k.
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