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Default Re: NV PR: PC's will soon be "archaic" and "Mobile is the future."

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Well mobile GPUs or SOCs are still in the early stages. There will be insane performance improvements in the next couple of years. Similar to the development in over the last 10+ years in the desktop GPU (and CPU) area.
This is were the money is because every new generation will be a worthy upgrade. You can't say the same about desktop technology anymore because even 2-3 year old hardware is still fast enough.

Love the remark about Apple. Guess nV is still pissed that Apple makes it's own chip design now And went Intel again with the new MBP, even though it's nV's fault for not having a license.
I too was amused by the apple comment. Guy talks about open standards/systems... when their own PhysX is as closed as it gets, lol.
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