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Default Re: Apple addressing iPhone 4 issues Friday?

Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
LOL. Everything, regardless of price, has problems. Price is a moot point.

i don't have an issue with the actual phone. i have an issue with apple's "top dogs" coming out and blaming everyone else, saying "you're holding it wrong", etc. as technology is, there are going to be issues not caught in QA.

my issue is that instead of apple coming out and saying, "we're sorry about the antennae, he's a bumper case to fix the problem", they come out and say, "it's your fault" and then essentially say, "we're apple, f*ck you, take your stupid bumper case, it won't do sh!t..."

oh and then the apple apologists bending over and saying "deeper please" is just hilarious.

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