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Default Some icons of Cairo-Dock look ugly (or transparency) after wake-up from suspend


I'm part of the Cairo-Dock team. Cairo-Dock (aka GLX-Dock) is a dock for GNU/Linux & BSD with an OpenGL backend.
More informations there: and
Cairo-Dock is a free software under GNU-GPL3 licence.

I report a bug here because there is a problem due to the nVidia proprietary drivers (it seems it only happens with nVidia video card). We think this is an old bug which is still not fixed. I'm using Ubuntu Maverick with an nVidia video card (9300G) and the latest stable drivers (256.35) and I confirm this bug. I've joined the "nvidia-bug-report.log.gz" but I guess it's not very useful because it seems this bug happens with every nVidia cards.
The corresponding bug report on our forum is available here

This is what we can have after a resume (after wake-up from suspend) or when we switch back in an account from another account:

A gauge theme

Some other gauges themes.

Some icons with the same class are gathered into a box.

On the right, this is the musicPlayer applet. On the left, a box with a few icons.

Here, all is fine

Note that if we re-launch the dock (or if the icon re-draws), all is now ok.

So... after resume, some icons (gauges, boxes, theme for musicPlayer, etc.) look ugly: these icons (only 'dynamical' icons) are displayed thanks to OpenGL functions.
To draw these kind of icons, we use some local functions: cairo_dock_begin_draw_icon and cairo_dock_end_draw_icon. These functions uses other OpenGL functions (it uses fbo functions)
This file can interest you (if you want to fix this bug ;-) ): src/gldit/cairo-dock-draw-opengl.cYou can have a look after this line:
if (g_openglConfig.iFboId != 0)
If you want to install Cairo-Dock, you can have a look at this wiki page:

I hope all of that will help you to fix this bug

PS: Don't hesitate to report any bugs about Cairo-Dock/GLX-Dock, to give us any tips/patches to improve it or anything else: anything that can improve the Cairo-Dock project is welcome!
PSē: Thank you for your Linux drivers! We have almost no bug related to your drivers
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