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Default Re: NV PR: PC's will soon be "archaic" and "Mobile is the future."

I think phones/mobile will replace: Netbooks, Small Laptops (maybe all laptops), PSP/Nintendo DSI types but not the standard 24" LCD desktop PC or Mac.

People still like having a PC with a big screen for video and pictures. They like keyboards. Maybe the PC's will get smaller, but not everyone wants to enjoy games and multimedia off of a 4.3 inch screen. Ever try to surf on a phone? Even on a Droid or iphone, it's just too small. Does it work? Sure for a quick google of something or killing a few minutes, but nothing for more than a few minutes.

I think PC's will evolve into kind of what the iMac is now. All in one, big screen, but there'll be ultra fast processors and GPU's in a smaller place, the rest being the screen.
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