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Default Re: OpenSUSE 11.3 Released.

Finally had time to install this and went with the DVD installer myself and the KDE desktop on my Dell XPS m140.

First impressions -

Easy to configure, install was a snap. All hardware including my Logitech wireless working out of the box.
Easy on the eyes, beautifully polished. Makes Win 7 look a bit stale.
As customizable as any distro I've tried so far, intuitive and polished.

A couple of cons so far too.

Lack of mp3 support requires importing "untrusted" keys, Packman, which I remember seeing before and if I'm not mistaken is relatively well trusted.

Not really a con, but as far as KDE has come I think I still prefer Gnome.

I think I'm going to lean this install up a bit and get my memory usage down a bit, use the OS for a while and see how it sits with me. I do have to say it's pretty sweet so far.

Thanks for the heads up on it Sean_W.
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