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Default Re: Two Crysis questions...

Originally Posted by ChiBChombo View Post

2. I'm running on two eVGA 470's Sli, 6 GB Memory and 3.2 CPU. On the first level in Crysis I'm getting about 50-80 FPS on the first part, then when I get to the part of the beach I get 28-45 (Normally 32-42).

Shouldn't my FPS be higher? I'm running the graphics settings all on Very High with no AA.
Thank you.

I can answer this one. In the start of the first level of crysis everyone gets better framerates than later near the beaches. This is simply because it's night in the first part of the first level. Thus no sun, no shadows or something like that. So therefor when u get to the beach the sun rises and the fps dropps The way it works. I dis-suggest you from using Veryhigh settings @ all. I would rather tell you to go DX9 and add the veryhigh " on the cheap" commands in a config file (check for the "VH-Cheap" settings and how to correctly initialize the config). This way u will gain maybe 20 or 30 fps lol but it will look all like Veryhigh but it will run alot better. Crysis dx10 @ all-Veryhigh is pretty bad balanced and also very demanding. A proper used config u can get it to look like Veryhigh (or even better) but in dx9.
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