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Default Re: NV PR: PC's will soon be "archaic" and "Mobile is the future."

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
It's not like he's wrong. Cloud computing is the future whether we like it or not. They will still supply people with GPU's, but the rest will go to the farms.

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony should be more worried about this tbh. Unless they buy more developer teams obviously.
I really don't think MS has anything to worry about at all. They can buy their way out of any mess.

It's like the oil companies. I mean, we are going to run out of oil eventually (probably within our lifetimes), and you can bet your life they will (or already have) their hands in the next energy source. Their vast resources will never allow them to just fade away.

It's also funny to see you mention cloud computing as the future, considering new game systems that host all the processing and just deliver you the rendered output...
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