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Default Re: ***Official Starcraft II Beta Feedback***

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
that actually what i was referring to, visuals have not changed much.

I will wait for review to see how good the single player story/gameplay is, I will certainly not be buying this game for MP.
hmm many you had it on the lowest settings...

the visuals are stunning for a RTS. the zerg buildings are defiantly very cool.

and the slicing of bodies from zealots are pretty good too...along with seige tanks blowing the buildings/queens/zerg units into pieces and body parts flying around...and if in a hill...they start to roll down the hill ^_^.

I really hope they stick to their digital purchase prise july 27 true...cause i have the installer and i am really hoping they have the purchase online right away , i want to get into it and start laddering.
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