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Default is the nvidia driver falling behind?

is it just me or the nvidia driver is rapidly getting outdated? i know they are bleeding edge as for opengl 4, cuda, opencl and that, but what about KMS XRandR 1.2 (and 1.3) Gallium3D and XRender performance (i.e. kde4 is still slow). i know that some of those haven't been implemented due to license issues but anyway i think nvidia should do something to overcome those problems.

I think that nvidia hasn't realized that Linux isn't a server/business/developers/science/boring OS anymore and as such the needs of the OS have changed and now we need things like KDE4 working properly and we just want to open the system settings to configure a secondary screen or the rotation, also we might want to use wined3d* to play games and of curse we want our plymouth screen working.

is just my personal opinion, what do you guys think?

*it works but i think (not sure) that gallium3d could improve performance.
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