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Default Re: iphone 4 to verizone in jan?

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Why do you hate CDMA? I mean there are pro's and con's for CDMA vs. GSM.

Before Froyo, I'd say I would definitely get an iPhone. But with the Droid X and Froyo, no thanks.
Droid X doesn't have Froyo. Rumor is it will get it in August. Based on rumors for the Droid, I would guess Sept/Oct. But you never know I guess. Also, if Cyanogen is successful in rooting the X, then it will get 2.2 shortly after that happens...

As to CDMA, I would hate it too if I traveled outside of the US, but since I don't, it's not an issue at all for me. This will also be rectified with VZW 4G phones (when they come out)...

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