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Default Re: (Build Log) CrossBone XXL Custom Arcade Stick

Thanks everyone

Originally Posted by Roliath View Post
just saw this thread, kick ass job man.
what are your initial impressions using it in games?
I have a different stick I use for myself. But this stick uses the highest quality Japanese internals, supports PS3, Xbox 360, and PC with 1 USB cable.

Its designed to sit on your lap or has rubber feet for sitting on a table. I have had much praise from local gamers that have tried it with Super Street Fighter 4. This one has a few more touches but im already working on another. When I finish the 2nd stick I will sell the first one.

Im not going to make any money off the first few. All the money I make from them will go to new powertools ( router table, drill press, mill ) for making even better sticks.

And if you live near me your more then welcome to try it out.

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