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Default Re: Is 3D Vision worth the performance hit?

Originally Posted by Snake101st View Post
I think it is. Look at how much of a performance drop you get when you turn on 16x AA. Now consider that all that does is get rid of jaggies, while 3D enables you to essentially open your other eye (gaming in 2d is pretty much like walking around with one eye closed. and see depth and pop out effects.

Some games look amazing in 3D (Batman: Arkham, BC2 (before they ruined the crosshair but thatll get fixed), Avatar, L4D2, Fallout 3, etc.) while others were simply not designed with it in mind. The biggest issue youll see is with the way HDR is implemented in most games, which often is a type of cheating to make games look better hehe, causing things to render at incorrect depths.

Some games have 2D crosshairs, but they can usually be fixed by disabling crosshairs and using the Nvidia 3D crosshair.
How does your single GTX 460 handle games in 3D Vision? Are you able to play games at max settings with 3D Vision? Do you have any performance issues when running in 3D Vision do the point that you have to turn-off 3D Vision?
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