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Default Re: Exclusive Two Worlds 2 shots show full details PC graphics

I'll admit I didn't read the article and I don't know much about his game- I'm commenting on the screenshots alone.

Why does so many games have a wet, platic look to them? For a while this didn't bother me but the screenshots here do. Maybe it's because, judging from the title here, they're trying to tout the awesomeness of the fully-maxed graphics for PC, yet it's far from impressive. Doesn't look much better than Oblivion imo.

I haven't read up on the game, but I have a hunch it's got a lot of "DX9 in it".

I expect to receive some flack for this- but I'm gonna' use Crysis as an example. TEXTURES. Skin textures actually look like... SKIN. Metallic textures actually look... METALLIC! :buyeyes: And the list goes on. I want more of this in games. I want metal to look like metal, skin to look like skin, tree and ground to look appropriate, etc.

Another comment I'll get ragged on for I bet, but consoles and their dated hardware is probably a big reason for this. I've heard the argument about integrated graphics in OEM PCs being a part of the problem as well. There may be some validity to this, but I'd wager most of the problem is consoles. They're holding us back in regards to visuals, AI, physics, sound, etc. Due to the extremely limited capabilities of the hardware you have to have tradeoffs. Great graphics, poor physics, sounds, ai, etc. Out of this world physics, decent graphics, poor AI and sound, etc. Or really low draw distance.

Guess I just miss the excitement that used to surround the high-end PC Gaming sphere. I remember back in the GFFX days, I had just ordered my FX5950 and was waiting for it to arrive, there was a tech show going on at the fair ground here so I stopped by. Some local company was advertising a custom built computer. It was running a top-end P4 with an FX5900Ultra and was blazing through FarCry (didn't check the in-game settings but it obviously wasn't maxed). None the less, it looked amazing at least back then. There was so much buzz and excitement and now... it's like a lifeless corpse it seems.

And honestly, mostly seemed to happen around the time of the first XBOX and the PS2. Am at the point now to where I'm wondering if this hobby is even worth the time and money any more, or if I should look elsewhere.
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