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Default Re: is the nvidia driver falling behind?

Originally Posted by kRogue View Post
On another note, that KDE4 is slow, but other desktop environments perform well, is that not a clue that maybe it is Qt and KDE, not the drivers?
Might be that other DEs do not use advanced graphics, and these advanced operations are poorly implemented by the driver.

Originally Posted by kRogue View Post
As far as features go:
1) NVIDIA control panel makes it a breeze to rotate the screen, change resolutions, setup multiple monitors, etc. In fact, I have found it much easier than Windows 7 interface.
The thing about xrandr is that it can be setup mostly *automatically*.

I have a very simple setup: a laptop that is used either at work with an external display, or at home with just the internal display. At work, the external display should be the primary. At home, the laptop display needs to be the primary of course, as there is no other display.

I use suspend to disk/ram when moving between home and office, and keep all my applications (Lotus Notes, Eclipse, lots of browsers, editors, terminal window, ...) open all the time, because it would take a lot of time to restore all that.

When moving from home to office, KDE4 detects the new external display and allows to automatically enable it and make it the primary screen. When moving back home, the external display is no longer available, so the primary screen is switched back to the internal display. The panel and all windows are immediately visible on the laptop display.

Sounds pretty normal to me, but that *only works* with my old ATI Radeon Mobility card.

Now what happes with my NViDIA card? The dual monitor is set up to one big non-xrandr screen. I *have* to run nvidia-settings in order to enable/disable the screens. I have to manually use nvidia-settings in order to change the primary screen. As this is just one big screen, the desktop environment does not get notified about the change, and as such, the panel and all other windows will stay on the unavailable screen. In other words, my DE shows a blank screen without a panel; all applications are still running, but invisible.

So: please, please add xrandr support!

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