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Default Re: ****ing Roll Over Ads!!

Originally Posted by the captain View Post
ARGH.. they are getting in the way of me typing even this... Every time your mouse crosses their path they take up half the screen, have no X for close, and don't always retract like they should when you mouse over them again. Even if you close it the first time, if your mouse touches that area again, bam, half your screen is covered again. Repeat that over the 3 nvnews tabs I have open, and every time I change tabs, BAM, half the page covered in a video ad again.

After a while you start to get in the habit of dragging your cursor to the side of the screen when moving it to the tabs or menus at the top of your browser window, to stop the stupid thing covering your window again.

Am I the only one who has noticed this? Is this the future of the web, where you can't actually use websites for anything because you can't see them for the ads?
i know what you are talking about. adblock and no javascript on firefox eliminated them for me.
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