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Default Crysis 2 has 'best AI in gaming history'

Crytek has claimed that the enemy AI in Crysis 2 is the most sophisticated in video game history.

Speaking exclusively to CVG, Crytek boss Cervat Yerli said the title boasted "thinking, fair" foes - which is good news for those who want their enemies smart, but not Skynet smart.

OXM man Ryan King reported that the FPS was the best-looking title he'd ever seen on 360 earlier this year. Since then, Crytek has revealed that the game will be playable in full 3D on 360, PS3 and PC when it is released at the tail-end of this year.
"We have the most advanced AI system in a game," Yerli told CVG. "We think that Crysis 2 has the most advanced AI for both humans and aliens you've ever seen.
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