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Default Which chipsets support Linux Audio over HDMI

My intent is to build as minimal a box as possible; to feed into an HDMI receiver and run MythTV.

Key to this requirement is not having extra cards and being able to fully control the sound stage. I am currently using a separate sound card equipped with an SPDIF output, combined with the DVI-D output from the nVidia Corporation G86 [GeForce 8500 GT] (rev a1) card. This gets me most of the way, but SPDIF only supports 2 PCM channels, whereas HDMI supports 6 and can therefore do full 5.1 surround into the receiver without having to use lossy compression and run foul of proprietary issues with DTS etc.

The question is, I hope, quite simple. When choosing the next video card, which chipsets should I be selecting from. Which chipsets properly support the ALSA:hdmi device and will place full 5.1 digital sound on the HDMI audio channel.

Ideally the card will have no VGA or DVI-D output, only an HDMI and will display everything from the BIOS startup to the final 1080p Xorg image on the HDMI connected TV screen.

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