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Default Re: New Game from Titan Quest Developers

TQ got a bit of a bad rap at release for being instable, but that was mainly due to pirated copies running into security checks that werent cracked.
They had only cracked the initial checks and thus they had people all over their forums crying about the game crashing to desktop, BEFORE it was released.

one of the IL guys left a parting post before they shut down talking about some problems they had with the launch.
another example was a reviewer that subtracted from the total game score based on the lack of fast travel (town portal), which the game not only HAS, but even has free of cost as a UI button..

Personally I think TQ with the expansion is great, Im on the Legendary playthrough and its the best Diablo clone out there, and unlike TL (which didnt much care for) it has coop support.
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