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Default External Display (4:3) on VGA output of notebook (16:9)

I want to use an external display on the VGA output of my notebbok. I use Ubuntu Linux 10.4. with the automatically installed Nvidia custom driver.
The notebook display uses a resolution of 1360*768 (16:9 format), the external display uses 1280*1024 (4:3). How can I configure the driver, so that the external monitor uses an 16:9 resolution (1280*720 for example) with blank space above and below? When I select an 16:9 resolution for the internal display, the driver only offers me 16:9 resolutions for the external monitor and none with 4:3. And vice versa.
Each combination of resolutions the driver offers me and I tried leads to cutting off of the screen either on the internal or the external display.

Any Ideas?

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