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Default Re: Is 3D Vision worth the performance hit?

Originally Posted by Kain View Post
How does your single GTX 460 handle games in 3D Vision? Are you able to play games at max settings with 3D Vision? Do you have any performance issues when running in 3D Vision do the point that you have to turn-off 3D Vision?
If you expect to play 3d Vision with maxed settings from a performance and setting point-of-view in everything -- you may be disappointed. There are sacrifices, from disabling settings or turning down some settings to receive a quality Stereo 3d experience. This is why nVidia has a profile and rating system as a gauge or help the person to receive a quality experience.

Stereo3d is a performance hit -- there is no other way to express it. The lesser hardware -- the more sacrifices -- the more powerful hardware, including Sli, the less sacrifices when the subject is performance.

And then there is Cross-talk and how much tolerance a gamer can handle. Thankfully, there is control of depth and convergence to help here to tweak.

Now, does 3d stereo really improve immersion and gaming experiences? For me, you better believe it because it offers a true dimensional feel that a 2d gaming experience could only dream about. Subtle effects are heightened and every things feels real and part of the game itself - to feel like you are in the screen and some of the game-play comes out of the screen.

It's a welcomed choice and if someone doesn't like -- it's all good -- no one is forcing anyone at all.
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