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Default Re: Is 3D Vision worth the performance hit?

stereoscopic 3D is something that's IMO before it's time. it has existed since the 50s (red and blue glasses) and recently has been upgradded wiith clear lenses (RealD like used in Avatar, or Nvidia 3D vision). all these solutions have the disadvantage of requiring special glasses, which even if you forgive the additional cost are just a hassle. I will wear special glasses for a special event like Avatar, but no way in hell would I put on my special glasses every time I want to play a videogame.

the real solution is autostereoscopic 3D, which doesn't require glasses. unforetuneately all the existing or immediately upcoming solutions still require glasses, so no thanks (again just IMO). the first "good" solution is the autostereoscopic Nintendo 3DS which is coming in the beginning of 2011. but it's a portable system, so the size of the screen is quite small. there are numerous technical challenges to overcome before you'll be able to buy a screen large enough for your computer or living room that's autostereoscopic. so count me out until then.
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