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Default Re: is the nvidia driver falling behind?

Originally Posted by miki100 View Post
I know how to configure KDE to work faster, but it is still slow.
Nothing can be either "slow" or "fast".

Everything is relative.

It can be either "slower" or "faster".

What have you compared it to, and found it slower?

Originally Posted by miki100 View Post
Also running QT4 apps with "-graphicssystem raster" helps a little bit, but...
I have made a package in my distro (Arch Linux amd64) of qt (qt-raster), built with raster graphics system as default.

I didn't see any difference, either to the better or to the worse.

However I stopped using it, because ksnapshot has an issue with it. When it is invoked for the current window (ksnapshot --current) it does not draw the current window on its preview.
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