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Default Verizon Authorized Reseller

I was thinking back about a year ago of upgrading to the original droid (back when it had 2.0) and I was in a mall by a Verizon reseller and they told me I could trade in my phone (had a samsung rogue) for credit towards a Droid.

I wasn't quite impressed enough with the device (if it would have had 2.1 that would have been a different story) to give it a shot at the time.

I recently jumped in the Android game with somewhat of a starter phone (Lg Ally). It's pretty decent, but is slower than I'd like and the 3.2" screen isn't cutting it like I thought it would. I also find myself using the virtual keyboard more than I thought I would so a phone w/o the keyboard would be fine.

Does any1 know if the resellers still let you trade in phones for credit? After my new every 2 and trade in for the ally I may be able to walk away with the Droid X for next to nothing.

Think it would be worth investigating?
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