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Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
I was thinking back about a year ago of upgrading to the original droid (back when it had 2.0) and I was in a mall by a Verizon reseller and they told me I could trade in my phone (had a samsung rogue) for credit towards a Droid.

I wasn't quite impressed enough with the device (if it would have had 2.1 that would have been a different story) to give it a shot at the time.

I recently jumped in the Android game with somewhat of a starter phone (Lg Ally). It's pretty decent, but is slower than I'd like and the 3.2" screen isn't cutting it like I thought it would. I also find myself using the virtual keyboard more than I thought I would so a phone w/o the keyboard would be fine.

Does any1 know if the resellers still let you trade in phones for credit? After my new every 2 and trade in for the ally I may be able to walk away with the Droid X for next to nothing.

Think it would be worth investigating?
It'd definitely be worth it if you could find that. Granted that you won't be able to get your hands on a Droid X until probably November of this year because they're selling like crazy.
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