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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Originally Posted by Stoneyguy View Post
Picked up my Captivate yesterday. So far it seems like a great phone. I do hope the screen is as scratch resistant as the video showed. Also I didn't get a 2 gig microSD card with my phone, but it did come with a very acceptable pair of earbuds.
Can you let me know how long it takes for your phone to lock onto a GPS signal? Just turn on GPS then go into google maps and as soon as the GPS icon stops flashing in the notification bar then it is locked. Also could you download the free app GPS Test and see how many satellites it uses and what the accuracy is?
One last thing, can you bring up the compass and see how smoothly and quickly it updates? For example if I face North then turn East swiftly the compass doesn't move immediately. It is kind of choppy and takes it's time turning East.
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