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Default Re: Anyone else getting a Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Hmm I wonder if they changed something in the captivate, like new firmware or something. That's the biggest complaints with the Samsung galaxy phones is the GPS is pretty bad along with the compass. I have read they have put out a firmware update I believe in germany that has helped with that problem.

I really don't care about any compass app but it affects the navigation in that it lags when you turn.
Did you download the GPS Test app and see how many satellites it is using? Don't get it confused with how many it is viewing. Most of the time mine is viewing 10-12 satellites but only uses 0-1.
The other night it used 8 which is the first time I've seen that happen. I compared the Vibrant phone with my wife's Garminfone which is great at navigation of course and my wife's phone was viewing 10 satellites and using 6and the accuracy was about 15 feet. My phone that night was like i said using 8 satellites and the accuracy was about 15-20 feet (it kept fluctuating).

As for the bars dropping off, if I am in a weak area they drop off fast if I have my hand covering the bottom of the phone. But then I was in a full signal 3G area down the street and it wouldn't drop any bars no matter how I held it. That probably explains why some see it and some don't. I wonder if most who haven't seen it are in a strong signal area.
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