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Default Re: A good wireless router

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My Netgear wireless N gigabit WNR3500V2 router has worked flawlessly. The old Netgear wireless G router had a hard time getting it's signal upstairs but this new one is great. I can even go outside and get signal with my cell phone or my wife's laptop from it. Easy to set up and haven't had to reboot it at all like I started having to do with the old wireless G one I got back in 2003.
I would definately buy Netgear again.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Netgear I just like their stuff
LOl at the disclaimer :lol;

I'm hoping what ever I buy will make it upstairs as it's going on my telco panel in the basement and my office is 2nd floor. That and security are my biggest I think I have some more reading up to do before I buy.

Just hope my old linksys doesn't die before I get one.
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