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Default My First HDTV Experience

This is my first HDTV experience so forgive my strong opinions. I asked a few questions on this forum before buying and of course researched it to death. We're retired now so money was definitely an issue in the decision process. I ended up taking the first TV I bought back and now I'm trying to get the second one setup the best I can. So I thought I'd share my experience and see if anyone else had the same thoughts or opinions.

My First HDTV was an LG 37LD450.

My wife is disabled so my sister-in-law lives with us and she bought a new HDTV recently so I installed it in her bedroom. It's a very nice TV. It's an LG 32LD550 and has a great picture and all the features I like in an HDTV. So of course when I went out to buy one I wanted the same thing except in a larger size for our bedroom. So I looked for an LG 37LD550, but they didn't make one, only a 37LD450. It figures, the 37 inch class is forgotten for the most part and always seems to get the older generation parts. So what I found was an LG 37LD450 which was a stripped down model with a lower contrast ratio. But I tried it anyway since it was on sale for 529 at Best Buy. And of course it turned out to be a mistake. 1. The screen wasn't very dark when it was off and that's often an indication of how dark the picture can get. There used to be an old saying that a pixel can't get any darker than the screen is when it's OFF, so pay attention to what the screen looks like. That's not always the case but it was in my case. The picture never got close to the way her TV looked, and yes her TV has a very dark screen when it's off. I like high contrast so that was the first strike against the TV I bought. 2. My wife is in very poor health and is confined to the bed most of the time so her sister comes in sometimes to watch a movie with us. The first time she sit down she ask me if something was wrong with our TV because it looked very gray to her. She wasn't sitting off axis very much but the TV has a very poor viewing angle. Of course the specs said the same as the others do, 178 for both vertical and horizontal, which must be a lie because the TV I bought looks great from head on but very poor a little off axis. She was sitting near the end of our king sized bed almost touching the bed, so she wasn't much further off axis than we were. But the TV looked very bad. 3. Sometimes the TV had a very loud whine which would go away when the video was turned off, like a high frequency from the power supply. 4. After 3 weeks it developed a low frequency 60 hz buzz all the time that could be heard anytime the volume was off. You couldn't hear it if the volume was on so it was a power supply buzz but wasn't in the audio. So I ended up taking the TV back the day before my 30 return period ended.

My Second HDTV is a SAMSUNG LN40C630.

I really love the super high contrast of the top Samsung models but the high gloss screen bothers me too much, so I got the 630 instead since it has a dark screen, but not glossy. My sister-in-law says the Samsung looks more classy than her LG does, and I suppose that's right, but it doesn't matter to me. I've only had the Samsung for a few days so I'm still developing opinions about it. The contrast ratio on it isn't as high as my sister-in-laws LG 32LD550 but it looks very good and has a sharp picture. I also bought a Samsung Blu-ray player too, the BD-C6500. So I'm actually evaluating both of them at the same time. I forgot to mention it but I bought the LG BD570 Blu-ray when I bought the first LG TV but ended up taking it back before I even opened the box. I read a review on it and didn't like what I read about it's DVD Upconverting quality so I tried my sister-in-laws LG BD550 (same basic unit as mine but without wireless) and seen the DVD upconverting artifacts I read about in the review, so I took the one I bought un-opened back to Best Buy. According to the reviews I read about the Samsung it was somewhat slower than the LG was but the DVD Upconverting was suppose to be better, and it is. It's not without problems, but the LG has the same problems and others. To me DVD Upconverting should be perfect on all sets without question, after all many people have large libraries of them, and a good DVD Upconvert looks pretty good. Of course it can't compare directly with Blu-ray but we have many Hallmark Hall Of Fame DVDs and they don't come in Blu-ray so you're stuck with them. And we're old so we watch them often, over and over. So DVD Upconversion is of primary importance to me. I will also say the Samsung BD-C6500 has less noise in the Blu-ray image too. So all in all the Samsung Blu-ray player seems better than the LG did to me.

So on to the gripes I have right now.

1. When I stop a Blu-ray movie and restart it it does not start in the same place like a DVD does. Of course if I'm wrong I sure want to know how to do it. (Samsung BD-C6500)

2. When watching a movie on the Samsung LN40C630 with Auto Motion Plus turned ON I can often see jerks and sometimes more than one of a person or object on the screen. After turning Auto Motion Plus OFF that goes away. After doing a google search on it I seen posts from 2007 about it, so why isn't it fixed on my 2010 TV. To me it looks like the processor isn't fast enough and messes up the frames as it's rendering it.

3. The people on the screen seemed separate from the background to me so after finding the Edge Enhancement Feature and then Turning it OFF that seems to have gone away.

4. I have FIOS. When hooking up the Antenna and the screen in 16x9 everything is okay. But if I hook up an HDMI cable from the FIOS STB the screen image is 4x3 unless I turn 16x9 Wide ON, which causes problems for other inputs.

So having to turn those features OFF just to get the TV to look proper seems kinda dumb to me. And also makes me wonder what else is turned ON that needs to be turned off, that is if I can even turn it OFF. So any information about this type of stuff is much appreciated.
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